About Northwest

Welcome to Northwest Elementary School.  You can find more information on our school by expanding the menu on the left navigation bar.

Things to Remember:

Busses and Drop-Off students will arrive at 8:30 am. Students who need breakfast may arrive at 8:15 am and go directly to the cafeteria for breakfast. 

As we all adjust to getting back into the routine of school, please remember that getting to school on time is very, very important to the success of your child here at school. Starting off the day right allows him/her to be fully present for learning and growth. If your child arrives after 8:45am, he/she is tardy. Please walk your child into the office to sign him/her in. 

    If your child will be absent, please call 624-6321, then dial ext. 10, before 7:30am if possible. State your child’s full name, teacher’s name, and reason for absence. You may call at anytime as it will go directly to voicemail. 

Dismissal is at 2:35pm. The safety of each and every child is our greatest priority. To ensure the safety of all children, no cars are permitted in the bus lane in front of the school during 8:00- 8:35 am and 2:00-3:00pm. If you chose to use the Mason Street drop off and pick up lane, please remember to pick up your child quickly as there will be cars behind your car. Please refrain from picking up your child in the office 5-10 minutes early. The children will be walked out the front doors by their teacher @2:35pm. The teacher will walk all students to a designated area on the lower playground before dismissing them to a parent/guardian. 
Please wait on the lower playground when waiting for your child(ren) to exit the building. 

All visitors must enter through the main doors and check in at the office. (Please press the small silver button in the white box to the right of the main doors to be let in). 

Children are required to take assigned buses and get off buses at assigned stops only. 

Emergency Contact Information: 
It is imperative that your child’s Emergency Contact and dismissal information are accurate and up-to-date throughout the school year. Please notify the school, in writing, for any of the following changes: jobs, phone numbers, addresses, or emergency contact people. It is very important to your child’s safety that this information is updated when changes occur.