First Grade

First Grade Supply List

Here is a sneak peak at what First Graders can expect the first month of school...

Welcome to first grade!  We can not believe how quickly September flew by!  During the first month of school we focused on helping students to settle in and become familiar with our classroom and school routines.  Your children have made new friends and are excited about the school year and all the amazing things they will be learning!  Here is what our focus will be in the next few weeks:

Readers and Writers Workshop:

We have begun the Narrative Unit of study.  During the next few weeks we will read a variety of stories during both readers and writers workshop.  Your children will discuss these stories with peers and we will break them apart into beginning, middle and end.  We will talk about why these stories are special to the authors and will come up with our own “special moments” to write about.  Our focus in writing is taking a moment and stretching it to make it into a story with many details in both the written words and the illustrations.  


We are wrapping up our unit on Measurement.  Your children did a great job comparing the length of a variety of objects.  They learned to use vocabulary such as taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, longer and longest.  We will continue to practice this skill throughout the year.

In the next few weeks our new focus will be on understanding the meaning of the equal sign and deciding if addition and subtraction problems are true or false.  We will also work on writing and counting all the way to 120!  The tricky part about this is we want your children to be able to start counting at ANY number, not just from one.  Test your children in the car on the way to soccer or after school at dinner time.  Pick a number and have them count on.  This is a simple way to help your child with his or her math everyday.  

Science and Social Studies:

In the first trimester we will be covering a variety of Science and Social Studies units.  Some of these units are Apples, Pumpkins, Where We Live, Community Helpers and Our 5 Senses.  These are great ways for them to explore, make predictions and experiment!  

We are so excited for this school year!  Please check back to see what is happening in first grade.  Use this as a conversation starter for you and your child about his or her school day.


The First Grade Teachers