Kindergarten Supply List

Here is a sneak peak at what your child will be working on the first month of school...

Wow! September has flown by, but we had a wonderful month in Kindergarten! The students have gotten adjusted and are doing a nice job with the rituals and routines of each classroom! Each month of the school year we will be working on specific Common Core State Standards for Math and English Language Arts. We use “I Can” statements for each of the Standards we address during that month to help the students understand what it is exactly they are learning. The “I Can’s” we worked on in September were;


I can count to 20.

I can name shapes.

I can count to tell how many.

I can understand that the last object counted tells the number of objects in a group.

I can count the number of objects in categories.

English Language Arts (Reading and Writing)

I can access my tools and materials for Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop.

I can follow rules for discussions.

I can ask and answer questions about what I have heard.

I can retell what happens in a story.

I can write, draw, and say what happened to tell a story.

I can identify and print many upper and lower case letters.

In October we will continue to work on what we have already been practicing in September as well as adding some new Common Core Standards! In math we will be working on the same “I Can’s”, but it will become a bit more challenging. Students will not only be practicing their counting and shape skills, but they will be beginning to compare, add, subtract, and write numbers 0-20! In Reading and Writing we will also be focusing on the same “I Can’s”, but it will become more in depth as well. Students will be practicing using key details from text during read alouds and writing time to retell stories. By the end of the month they will be expected to know what the title of a book is, who an author is, and who an illustrator is. They will also be expected to print all of the consonants of the alphabet. *By the end of November they should know all of their Upper and Lower case letters and letter sounds.

We will also be starting homework this month! Every Thursday you will receive the weekly homework in your child’s communication binder. Please continue to help work with your child at home to help them meet the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten! Thank you!

The Kindergarten Team