Second Grade

Second Grade Supply List

Here is a sneak peak at what 2nd graders will be working on in the first month of school...

In reading, we’ve been working on reading fiction stories, including fables.  Our focus has been on retelling the story in order and recalling important story elements like the characters, setting, problem and solution.  We have also been looking closely at characters and the lessons that they learn.

In writing, we have been exploring where writers get ideas and are currently working on how to write complete sentences.  We are also looking at capitalizing the beginning of sentences and using punctuation to end each complete thought.

In math, we have been working on several topics including partitioning shapes into halves, thirds and fourths, telling time, place value and using a number line to add and subtract.  We have also been practicing our basic addition facts in order to improve automaticity.

For spelling, the skills we’ve been working on are the short vowels and adding endings to short vowel words.  We are beginning to look at long vowel spelling patterns.

In science, the students are learning about the needs of living things and have sorted things that are living and nonliving.  We will begin to look at classifying animals.

In social studies, we have been discussing what a citizen is and the role of a responsible citizen.