Northwest School Counseling Corner 2015-2016 School Year

Mary McKee - Guidance Counselor
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Northwest has a full time Social Worker!!
Her name is Elizabeth McGovern
Contact Elizabeth at:
She is a highly trained and educated social worker who has tons of experience working with  families, children and outside resources.

We are so excited to have her at Northwest!
Gratitude Is the Attitude for Altitude Living!
Ask your Child what that means!!


            Sensory, sensory and more sensory this year
Children at Northwest will have available more sensory 'tools' this upcoming year than every before! 
 sit n move cushions      putty
 bean bags                     pencil grips
 elastics for chairs          cube chairs
 water bottles                 stress balls
               And much much more!            

Please, please remember to practice "I messages" with your child when dealing with any type of conflicts!
I feel........ feeling
When.......... undesirable behavior
Because........why you don't want that behavior
And I want.....what you want

Peer Tutor Program

 Last year, we had over 40 fifth grade students who gave up their recess to 'tutor' a kindergarten child!! The program started in October and ran through June. Can you imagine the committment that is required from these students?  And they LOVE doing it! Relationships flourish, self-esteem grows, knowledge abounds and everyone gains!! Ask your 5th grader if he or she is planning to be a tutor this year!

New Social Skills Curriculum Coming to Northwest!

" The Incredible, Flexible You...." is a curriculum that is designed to help young learners develop the skills they will need to be social thinkers and social problem solvers.
I will start this social program in October in grades K-3

With the new social skills curriculum coming to Northwest this year, I won't be reading this wonderful book this fall. But PLEASE, still ask your child what it means to fill a bucket?

Mrs. McKee's recommended sites, books, videos and articles:   great parent resource site that has videos and articles, as well as a place to ask questions. Mom's homeroom is all about parents helping their children succeed at school.
Positive Discipline A-Z 
This book has 1001 practical solutions to everyday parenting problems. It alphabetically lists every imaginable problem or issue a parent can face with his or her child, and offers several short and simple "what to do" solutions to these problems and issues. It also contains suggestions to prevent future problems.
New books will be available this year in the guidance office, topics being discussed such as: