Northwest School Counseling Corner 2017-2018 School Year

Mary McKee - Guidance Counselor
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            Sensory, sensory and more sensory this year
Children at Northwest will have available more sensory 'tools' this upcoming year than every before! 
 sit n move cushions      putty
 bean bags                     pencil grips
 chairs  bands                cube chairs
 water bottles                 stress balls
flexible chairs                
               And much much more!            
_______________________________________________I Messages_ 

Please, please remember to practice "I messages" with your child when dealing with any type of conflicts!
I feel........ feeling
When.......... undesirable behavior
Because........why you don't want that behavior
And I want.....what you want

Peer Tutor Program

 Last year, we had over 54 fifth grade students who gave up their recess to 'tutor' a kindergarten child!! The program started in October and ran through June. Can you imagine the committment that is required from these students?  And they LOVE doing it! Relationships flourish, self-esteem grows, knowledge abounds and everyone gains!! Ask your 5th grader if he or she is planning to be a tutor this year!

New Go Zen Program Coming to Northwest!