Book Fair March 11-15th, Family Night: March 12th

Post date: Jan 11, 2013 2:54:24 PM

This year's book fair theme is "Story Laboratory! Reading Gives You Power!" We've got a cool beaker goal chart which will be filling up with slime as we sell more books to raise money for our library.

Family Night: March 12th from 5-7:30 Come shop the book fair!

As a thank you for supporting our book fair, students will be able to choose 2 science experiments they would like to do in the gym. In addition, they can have a snack and drink with some slimy green whip cream, all for free. (Don't worry it's just food coloring.) The Audubon nature center will be coming too! They're bringing some skulls, furs, shark teeth, and possibly a turtle.

Photo Opportunity: Get your picture taken under our book machine which sends brainwaves into your head!

Also, new this year... we will be having a $.25 bin where gently used books will be for sale. (Limit one book per student to allow everyone to be able to benefit from this discount bin.)