Girls on the Run

"We believe that every girl

can embrace who she is,

can define who she wants to be,

can rise to any challenge,

can change the world.


Coaches: Ms. Michelle Bouchard

Ms. Gina Salvatore

Mrs. Candace Dumont

Ms. Suzanne Mazak

Ms. Amanda Riney

Girls on the Run New Hampshire Chapter


In this lesson, the girls are learning about the various ways that the media,

entertainment and advertising industries portray girls and women. They

are also engaging in activities designed to elevate their critical thinking skills, reducing the impact of negative or unrealistic images/messages on

their self-esteem.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

1. Today you talked about advertisements and the messages we receive from the media. What was the most interesting thing you learned?

2. How do many advertisers portray women in their ads? Why do you think they do that?

3. Let’s each talk about what makes a person beautiful. (What’s on the inside!)

4. How do the images we see and the words we hear relate to how we feel about ourselves?

5. What are some actions we can take to focus more on the messages that celebrate girls and women for who they really are?


The concept of community is the topic of discussion in today’s lesson. The girls are learning about the different kinds of communities and the valuable role that we all play in creating these communities. The girls are also beginning to think about what community impact project they would like to conduct as a Girls on the Run team.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

1. What is a community?

2. Why does a healthy community strive to ensure that all members have the tools they need to be strong and independent?

3. What is discrimination? Can you give me an example?

4. Can you think of a situation in our neighborhood/school/town where some members need help? What do they need in order to live a healthy life?

5. Let’s each share an issue that we care deeply about with one another. (i.e. environment, animals, equality, peace, etc.)

6. Everyone is unique. We each have strengths in some areas and we each struggle in other areas. What is one of your strengths that you can use to address the issue that you care deeply about?

Hi Girls on the Run families!

As I'm sure your girls have told you-- we completed our practice 5K last week! We are SO proud of how hard the girls pushed themselves to complete their laps, motivating each other with inspiring words the whole time! I have attached a photo of the girls with their practice 5K certificates :)

You should have received an email yesterday with information regarding the June 5th race day. If for some reason you did not receive this, please let me know and I will forward it your way! Only a few more weeks!!

Here are the lesson topics for this weeks practices ~ Happy running!!

What Makes Our Team

“Girls on the Run Beautiful”?

We are lucky * We are smart * We are kind and caring * We are helpful*

We are respectful and responsible * We are inspiring to others * The way we encourage each other

We are awesome * We are strong together * We have sportsmanship * We believe in each other

We are pretty * We are positive * I am beautiful when I help my teammates * We work together

We are brave * We have gratitude * We are hardworking * We have GIRL POWER * We are incredible

We are lovey * We are unique * We are confident * We are loveable * We support each other

We are positive * We are strong * We are Girls on the Run!

We “Strike a Pose” to show our beauty from the inside out!